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SafeTouch antibacterial pens – proven antibacterial effect!


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Do you know that there are pens with a special bacteriostatic material that inhibits bacterial proliferation and transmission?

The pens of the "Safe Touch" collection are made with the first European antibacterial polymeric additive which does not contain nanometallic particles and toxic compounds; it is a 100% organic agent.

Unlike other products, SafeTouch antibacterial ballpoint pen is therefore completely non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Added to plastic during production, it protects the material safely and permanently from the harmful and degrading effects of bacteria, mold, rust and fungi. The final product manufactured with the antimicrobial additive rejects the germs without the need to add additional cleaning liquids or sprays.

Antibacterial qualities

The antibacterial efficacy of the material has been confirmed by microbiological tests carried out in accordance with ASTM 2149 and aimed at defining the biostatic properties of the ABS material combined with the additive infected with bacteria representing two groups: staphylococcus aureus and E. Coli culture. 

In both cases, already after 1 hour of contact, the material exhibits biostatic activities and after 24 hours it reaches about 100% effectiveness in the reduction of pathogenic bacteria. This means that in case of contact of the previously mentioned bacteria with, for example, a pen, these bacteria are eliminated in the times indicated above.

The biostatic effect lasts for all the time of use of the promotional products. This will allow for their use in many industries – from the medical sector to the food industry. 

Antibacterial SafeTouch PenSafe Touch antibacterial pens are available in different models and made in soft pastel colors. Further customization is possible both on the clip and on the barrel even at 360 °. 

 A single pack in a transparent plastic bag with an explanatory leaflet for the product is also available.  

The pens are an object that we all use every day and the "Safe Touch" pens guarantee greater hygiene of your hands, but not only: how many times have you ever accidentally brought the pen to your mouth? Think about it….

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