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BE O Sugar Bottle

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Logo trade business gift photo of: BE O Sugar Bottle
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12.90 €/pc + VAT
  • ECO: yes

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It’s a bottle!

Sugar on your lips. This water bottle is made from residual material of sugarcane instead of crude oil. Earth loves it. The bottle is modular, this way it takes less space and it’s easy to clean. Doesn’t melt in your mouth, neither does it in the dishwasher. 100% recyclable. Your statement.

Bottle: 60 x 30 mm. Cap: 15 x 30 mm. Volume: 500 ml. Modular. 40% space saving. Suitable for tap water, fruit juices, pops and alcohol <13%. Dishwasher proof until 65°C. Doesn’t smell and taste like oil plastic. 94% bioplastic from sugarcane. Designed & made in Holland. Free of BPA and chemical. Food contact approved. Bottle and cap: BIO-HDPE (BIO-High Density Polyetheen). Middle part ring: BIO-TPE (BIO-Thermoplastic Elastomer). Printing style: pad print. Full-color printed paper sleeve (1000 pc and more). Dishwasher safe up to 65 degrees Celsius.

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