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What Trends to Consider When Ordering Corporate Gifts in 2023?


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The first quarter of the year is perfect time to plan a thoughtful gift strategy. The changes taking place in the world also affect the world of promotional gifts. What should you consider when choosing a corporate gift?

We live in an era of change, which impacts the choices in the field of corporate gifts and memorabilia. Business gifts still play an important role in creating and securing long-term employee and customer relationships, because the gifts help the company to be visible and increase the sense of unity within the company. Over the past year, some important trends have appeared which should be considered by anyone ordering gifts and making a gift plan. For instance – preference for recycled materials and using local producers are increasingly important factors.

Changes in supply chains have affected preferences

Last year's major change in promotional gifts is very much related to production and supply chains. Products previously ordered from Asia are rapidly being replaced by European alternatives. The main reasons have been the lack of raw materials, unreasonably high prices and extremely long delivery times. This has made companies prefer local agencies and regional producers.

While the use of electronic products as corporate gifts is decreasing, the significance of promotional clothing has steadily increased. Different hoodies have become especially popular as gifts. Beverage bottles continue to be a trend for hard surface products. While in previous years battery banks were very popular, now they have fallen a bit out of fashion.

Environmental sustainability is gaining importance

The practicality and nature-friendliness of the gift is becoming increasingly important. In 2023, the share of promotional gifts supporting a healthy lifestyle will be on the rise. Logo mugs, thermoses, and lunch boxes will still have pride of place, but more and more people are looking for a promotional product that is unique and suitable for a specific company. The increasing influence of this trend brings more attention to small producers. This year, promotional gift agencies also have to work harder to find unique corporate gift ideas that are taking into account the ecological footprint, where the raw material comes from, and whether the producer is sufficiently ethical.

It is noticeable that the recycling of materials has become prevalent also in the field of textiles. In the selection of corporate clothing, you can find that almost all products are made from recycled materials – whether they are T-shirts, fleeces or softshells.

As clients who order corporate gifts have become significantly more aware, and increasingly choose promotional products with a low CO² footprint, this has made manufacturers realise that recycled materials are the future of corporate gifts.

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to personalise smaller quantities of gifts, starting from 1-5 items. This is very good news for those who want to order gifts that are distinctive, with entirely their own design and with a unique appearance – you no longer have to order 100 or 1,000 products.

Ordering promotional gifts is moving online

Another trend that will certainly continue is using products from popular manufacturers with the client company’s branding. When choosing electronic products as gifts, the products of well-known companies are preferred – such as Samsung, JBL, Motorola, Philipps, etc. Corporate gift manufacturers are also increasingly using their own brands to communicate the quality that their products represent, for instance Luxe, Elevate, Ukiyo, Urban Vitamin, etc.

One important and noticeable change is that showrooms are losing their charm, as clients are increasingly choosing their corporate gifts online, basing their selection on the product description and image displayed. Many also prefer the option of shipping the product directly from the factory to their office or warehouse without any intermediate steps. This has taken ordering to a whole new level.

Promotional gifts have become more universal, which means that seasonal items such as traditional Christmas gifts are no longer preferred, instead, gifts that can be used throughout the year are the top choice. Due to the tense situation in our region, there is a noticeable trend to give various emergency-aid advertising products as gifts that help one to survive in a difficult situation.

Personalisation strengthens a brand’s image

Corporate gifts with original designs are definitely continuing to be a trend, as the goal is to find the most unique solutions possible. More and more, product combos or sets of items are given as gifts, while choosing more affordable products. This is also a way to create a unique promotional gift to strengthen your brand’s image.

For design and layout, colour transitions or personalised graphics are preferred. Also, one-on-tone designs are used, in which case the logo or design remains less conspicuous.

In summary, it can be predicted that different textile products and unique promotional gift sets will be widely preferred this year.

When choosing corporate gifts, it's definitely worth asking promotional gift experts about new options in order to create a unique campaign for your company that fulfils its purpose in the best and most affordable way.

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