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About Us

Our Story

Logotrade opened for business in 2004 when a 22-year-old idealist, Anti Saluneem, had a big dream. He wanted to create the best advertising gift agency in Estonia. His goal was to offer customers high-quality and original advertising gifts at the best prices, quickly and conveniently.

Like all start-ups, at the beginning we had to take risks and work 24/7. The Logotrade team was driven by the desire to offer its customers the largest and latest product range and a personal approach, taking into account the specific wishes and needs of each customer. To this day we consider it very important to find the best and most personal solutions for our customers and that the promotional products we offer fulfil their purpose. Our strong suit is that our customers can order all products and services from one place, which ensures maximum convenience and the fastest and most professional service.

Logotrade consists of experienced team members who are the best specialists in their field and have the highest quality equipment to work with. Our work is also our passion, which means that we put our heart and soul into every project we work on.

Even now, 20 years later, our core values have remained the same. But through continuous learning and interaction with our customers, we have focused primarily on corporate gifts and promotional products both in Estonia and across Europe, still dreaming of making the world a better place through promotional gifts.

We also try to give something back to society and over the years have supported the NPO Estonian Association of Large Families, Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation, Opinion Festival, information fair “Võti tulevikku“, Tallinn Horse Show, TV3 musical television game “Suur Pühapäev“ and others.   

With the help of our customers, we have confirmed that our services and promotional products help companies to add value to their customer relationships and keep their employees motivated. We help brands to shine and, to our own surprise, we help to create team camaraderie.

Our mission

Today we are looking to the future and creating new technological solutions to provide the best customer experience on the market.

We are environmentally aware and increasingly invest in business gifts and promotional products that are made from environmentally friendly materials. Estonian design and domestic handicraft gifts are in a place of honour in our product range. We also offer our customers the latest corporate gift solutions such as smart products with logos, innovative technical gadgets, and special solution promotional gifts.

We consider it very important that our customers are satisfied and happy, as their positive feedback in return increases our own motivation. The promotional gift should be chosen carefully and well thought through. Then the joy of giving the gift is almost as great as the joy felt by the recipient.

We are honest and sometimes even recommend that you do not purchase a promotional product if we feel it could harm your brand or reputation. We offer you only the best promotional gifts having in mind your company's image and goals.

Here our customers themselves tell why they value Logotrade:

Cooperation between TV3 and Logotrade has always been excellent. The key words are creativity, flexibility and precision. The results speak for themselves - be it the shirts for the audience of the popular TV show “Me armastame Eestit“, the pen for the “Padjaklubi” or the memory sticks for “Seitsmesed”.

Anneli Adermann, TV3

As a company, we highly value our good communication and consideration of customer needs and special attention to the details. The honest and, if necessary, guiding and assistive service of the Logotrade team helps to ensure the best quality. In addition to a wide range of products and services, we have found many new ideas and solutions thanks to Logotrade.

Sirli Laager, Birkle IT

An advertising gift and company souvenirs are like a tailor-made suit that must fit the needs of the company like a glove. Logotrade is a company you can always count on and be confident of – their work is done with full professionalism and passion! Aufort's definite recommendation and full 10 points!

Erik Karu, Aufort Gold

Why your promotional gifts are our passion?

  • Together with you, we help innovative products reach people faster!

  • Together we are environmentally friendly - we use more recycled and sustainable materials in the production of our promotional gifts.

  • With your help, corporate gifts that are handcrafted by small domestic manufacturers reach more people.

  • We are constantly up to date with exciting new technological solutions – ask us for something new and interesting!

  • You help us to improve the range of business gifts produced as special solutions. Don't be modest, be more demanding with us. It will also help us to develop.

Quality, speed, expertise - Logotrade - promotional gifts agency!