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Smart future corporate gifts are IoT products


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Gifting is a tradition that is followed from ancient times. It conveys a message of appreciation, respect, and love. Corporate gifting is also lined up with the same principle. It maintains a good relationship with the customers and makes them feel that you value their interest in your business. A right gift can make the business relationship strong on the other hand a wrong gift can create a distance between the giver and the recipient. 

It’s important that you involve creative, innovative and useful products in your corporate gifting. The presentation of the gift is equally important. Both set a tone about your business in the recipient’s mind. Corporate gifting is important because it creates trust and mutual respect for each other’s business. It has long been used as a tangible way to build relations between businesses. Before selecting any corporate gift it is important to remember what your audience likes to have from you? You should know your audience well in order to select the right corporate gift for them. 

Before selecting a product for your corporate gifting, you should always keep in mind that the product should be of high perceived value and it should be unique too. Most of the businesses are highly creative while choosing their corporate gifts. The common products like pen, pencil. Paperweights are old and unimpressive. To make your business to stand out, you need something powerful and eye catchy. What can be better than gifting technologies to your valuable customers that can add value to their lives? Technological products have huge potential as our society is becoming the tech-obsessed society. 

IoT products are also gaining popularity when it comes to corporate gifting. IoT devices are devices that connect wirelessly to a network and transmit data as and when needed. Internet of things extends internet connectivity to the non-internet–enabled day to day objects. These devices can transform data and interact over the internet. They can be monitored and controlled remotely. IoT products are next-generation products which have revolutionized our internet architecture. It brings efficiency, accuracy and limitless economic benefit along with the comfort in our lives.

Below are given some of the best IoT products that you can gift to your clients and employees:

1. HAPI fork – If you are in a fitness industry and you seriously are looking for a gift that helps your customer then HAPI fork can be a good idea. It is a weight loss device which vibrates when a person eats too quickly. This device monitors the food consumption of the person. This device is also good in tracking and monitoring the eating habits. HAPI fork is an electronic fork which has indicator lights and gentle vibration to tell a person that he is eating too fast. It measures the time you took to finish your meal and also measures the number of fork servings taken per minute. You can check and upload the data on HAPI.com. It comes with HAPI apps and a coaching program to help you improve your eating behavior. 

2. LIFX – It is first Wi-Fi enabled LED lights. They are powerful and efficient. They can be used in the home and offices; this makes it the best choice for corporate gifts. You can control this light from your smart device using an app. Your customers will surely not forget your business after receiving such lights from you.

3. Tile mate – This is another very useful yet cheap IoT product that can be your corporate gift. We all misplace small things like keys, wallets, mobile phones etc somewhere and keep on searching for them afterward. It’s so frustrating, right? With tile tracker, it’s easy to locate the items that you have misplaced. Tile uses Bluetooth to communicate with its companion app in your tablet and phone. It finds the “tile” by establishing the Bluetooth connection with it. 

4. Parrot flower power – If your customer is someone who loves gardening then this can be a perfect gift for him. This is a small Bluetooth enabled sensor that runs on AAA battery. It is used to measure the light intensity, manure level, air temperature, and soil moisture. To ensure the best health of the plant it measures all these parameters. You have to place the device next to your plant and pick the plant from the parrot plant database. Now it will automatically diagnose the issues with your plant. It will also monitor your plant's needs and requirements. 

5. H2O vibe Bluetooth speaker showerhead – Your customers will definitely like this gift. This product can improvise their showering experience. This Bluetooth enabled shower head allows the user to enjoy the music in the bathroom. It can be detached from the shower head and can be taken anywhere. So no matter where the user is, he can enjoy his favorite music everywhere.

6. Wemo insight smart plug – This can be another product that you can select for your corporate gift. This smart plug allows you to control your lights and appliances from anywhere. It easily gets synced with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, it monitors and evaluates the energy usage and provides the reports in the Wemo app.

7. Amazon Echo dot – This is another product that will bring a smile to your customer’s face. This miniature device is the voice-controlled hub that can play music, make calls and send messages. It is compatible with all the smart devices.

8. Sylvania smart + – Sylvania smart switch is another best gift to consider. It is all in one light switch. It can control light colors and also work as a dimmer. You can manage your lights as and when the doors open and close. It also has temperature sensors which can monitor the temperature of the room. It requires a ZigBee hub to control the sensors. 

Your customers will definitely appreciate the IoT products and they will remember your business for long. When your customer will use your gift, your business will stick with him for a long time. This will increase the exposure of your business. With just a little investment you will be able to attract the customers that can bring continuous sales to your business. 

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