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ExtraWize glow-in-the-dark safety reflectors


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Visibility meets great design with the ExtraWize safety reflector

In our Nordic climate, half of the year has us commuting to work or school in the dark, which makes safety a concern not to be taken lightly. ExtraWize has made their new glow-in-the-dark plastic safety reflectors specifically to combat the dangers of the dark conditions of our Nordic climate. Research shows plastic reflectors are much more effective than soft reflectors, and ExtraWize adds attractiveness to their effectiveness. One can choose from many models suited for backpacks, handbags or sports bags. Additionally, with the intent of adding safety to baby strollers, they’ve created the silicon-lined ScootWize safety reflector, which can also be easily attached to bicycles or scooters. 

Safety reflectors are a great idea for corporate gifts, as they’re a two-in-one solution. Firstly, it shows care for your employees and secondly, with your logo printed on it, makes your own brand visible, even in a gloomy Nordic midnight!

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