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Best B2B Marketing Strategy for 2019 are corporate gifts


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Networking is very important for a successful business; it can play a key role in bringing in the deal. If you look at the strategies of very successful businesses, you will find that they all had a very strong network connection. Making a connection with several businesses is a great step to make your business a success. B2B marketing is the way to expand your network. However, the world of B2B marketing is not very simple. There are thousands of different ways to spend your marketing budget, but the use of corporate gifts in B2B marketing should not be overlooked. 

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective and budget-friendly types of B2B marketing available. Corporate gifts have the potential to yield the best results for your business. It makes potential clients remember your business for a very long time. Apart from this, corporate gifts are very effective than traditional ways of advertising including mailing because people don’t thrash them out easily. Additionally, the number of customers it can attract can be huge. 

How to choose the right corporate gifts for your business?

Picking the imprinted items is ideal for your B2B marketing strategy, but as a business owner, it gets very important that you focus more on quality than quantity. It is better to invest in high-quality products and giving them to fewer people rather than investing in cheaper items and giving them to masses. Corporate gifts that remain for years with the clients are considered to be good because this way your clients remember you and your business for a very long duration. 

With the availability of many items, it gets really difficult to find the best corporate gift for your business. It is a struggle for a business to pick up the right items in terms of colours, size and customization option. To reduce your stress, we are providing you with a helpful guide that will help you in selecting the right customized product for you and your business. 

1. Take your customers as the brand ambassador of your business - There are countless advertisements on social media, billboards, magazines, newspaper etc. which now has made this almost impossible to think of any new advertising ideas. Businesses are spending billions of dollars on increasing their brand awareness. 

In such marketing-saturated world, it gets very important that you pick up the unique way of marketing your brand. Before picking up any corporate gifts, it is important that you think what kind of gifts your customer will love to have. Consider to know your customers and get hold of some basic information about them like what their business is about, how is their lifestyle etc. This will help you in selecting the right product and in saving you from traditional already saturated advertising world. 

2. Don’t worry even if your budget is low – The best thing about corporate gifts is that you have a huge list of products to select from. This means you can easily select something which not only is attractive to your customer but is also suitable for your budget. 

Unlike the large businesses which can spend thousands of dollars in marketing, a small business can maximize its gains with corporate gifts. Small items like key chains, USB drives etc. make a good promotional product because they are useful and yields results without burning a hole in your pocket. Selecting the right corporate gifts doesn’t only mean to choose what is good for your customer, but it also means to pick something suitable for your business goals. 

3. Be creative – Marketing and advertising need creativity, and the same is true for corporate gifts. Therefore, you should think wisely when selecting a corporate gift for your business. Keep your heart and head open and then pick up the best corporate gifts for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all corporate gifts that will suit every business. By following the rules above, we are sure that you will able to get the best promotional product for your customers and business. 

There are three main ways to incorporate corporate gifts in your marketing strategy:

1. As a gift – Corporate gifts are a great way to thank your clients for any type of engagement that he has made with your business. You can use corporate gifts to congratulate them for their big accomplishment and also to spread some holiday happiness. 

2. For advertising – Corporate gifts are a perfect way to advertise your business. They are excellent branding tools when given at trade shows or business gatherings. 

3. As incentives – Corporate gifts are also useful in encouraging clients to place a bigger order. Recipients develop trust in the company when they regularly receive promotional products from them which drive the clients to purchase more from the company. 

Now let’s look at the four most popular corporate gifts of 2019:

  • Personalized t-shirts – Handing out the branded t-shirts is a great way to gain attention and to promote your brand. When they are worn by your customers, your business logo and name is seen by a huge number of people which helps in refreshing the memory of the people about your business and its services. 
  • Travel mugs and water bottles – Travel mugs and water bottles make a great corporate gift as they are not only loved by people, but they also offer a great space to promote your company. 
  • Notepads – You can get your customers the notepads which have your logo and company’s name printed on all of its pages. This is a great way to remind your customers about your business.
  • Cardholders –  Cardholders can make good corporate gifts. Just make sure that they are stylish and modern so that your clients can keep them on their desk. Business card holders are usually made up of leather and plastic, so they are highly economical and leave the right impression on your clients

A business can get huge returns when corporate gifts are incorporated thoughtfully into their marketing strategy. As long as businesses choose right and unique items, they will keep on getting the high returns on their investments. 

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