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The truth is that nowadays people have more opportunities and more choices than ever before and this applies, of course, to business gifts as well. Your job will not end at the moment you sign an agreement with your client, quite contrary, it only begins here as the competition for their attention is permanent.  

How can you then remain and survive on the front line of this never-ending struggle by showing your client your great care for their business success? On the one hand, there is no denying that a pleasant service that considers your partner’s needs is of paramount importance, on the other hand, there is nothing more useful than a high-quality, innovative and handy gift that attracts attention and, as such, is sure to be used.

The first thing to have is a well-tuned action plan

Wherever we go we are surrounded by all kinds of ordinary advertisements. So, the big question is how to find the right gifts that are unique and that work, and more importantly, the logo gifts that won’t simply be tossed into some drawer and forgotten there for good.

It has become an old chestnut but as repetition is the mother of retention, let’s say it again – personal approach is important! This means that you need to know the person to whom your gift will go – their age, hobbies etc. And of course, don’t forget to keep them in mind on holidays or special occasions such as Christmas or their birthday or even on Valentine’s Day with a personalised box of chocolates or a greeting card. 

It is very nice to remember people on holidays but there’s no need to stick to it too much as it is more effective and also more efficient for your company’s budget to put in place a strategy on corporate gifts, in other words, you should plan for at least a year as to when, why and whom you expect to give a gift. 

Having said that we have arrived to the most important point  which gifts to give? What are the innovative, user-friendly, affordable and eco-friendly promotional items that make a suitable gift year-round? Which gifts can assure you to make the recipient happy and be of great use for them?

Are there promotional gifts that remain relevant throughout the year?

Did you know that by adding promotional items to your marketing portfolio you can leverage your brand, increasing its power by 44%? (Source: American Marketing Association)

The range of suitable gifts is extremely wide. To help you find the right gift options for your business I have chosen some examples of coprporate gifts that have established themselves over time and have been tried and tested through practice; for these gifts it is not important whether they are given in the middle of winter or mid-summer as they are versatile and functional, regardless of age, gender or position of the recipient.

A shopping tote bag with a company logo is one of the most practical promotional products. Of course, it is not the most innovative product but it certainly is the most useful one  everyone needs a bag to go shopping after all! As for visibility, it goes without saying  if you have your message or logo printed on a shopping bag, it is perfectly visible as the surface is large enough to contain all symbols imaginable. 

According to studies (source: Advertising Specialty Institute), one shopping bag is seen by 3300 people on average, which in turn is leveraged by the fact that about 61% of the bags are handed over from one owner to another.

  • Customized T-shirt

Branded clothing items have always been one of the most beloved promotional articles, and T-shirt with logos are particularly popular. The annual revenue from the sale of personalised T-shirts amounts to millions. The most direct way to your client’s heart also goes through clothing because someone who wears a branded clothing item feels a certain connection with the brand. T-shirt with custom imprint are usually worn with pride also in public and this certainly enhances the visibility of the giver, scoring extra points for the band. 

The same applies to polos, softshells and fleeces.

Almost every person uses a branded ballpoint pen. This means that a connection has been created between the branding company and the user of the pen. So why not to add such a promotional pearl to your company’s business gifts treasury? Another revealing fact is that approximately 20% of all people have more than 10 pens with a logo in their possession. 

Also, as a personalised ballpoint pen is generally used for a long time, its CPI or contact price is one of the most advantageous. 

The range of ballpoint pens is simply enormous, and besides the conventional pens with plastic or metal barrel there are more and more pens made of environmentally friendlier materials. They are made of such materials as wheat straws, corn starch, recycled milk cartons and even used coffee grounds!

One can say that coffee has become a special type of fuel these days as you can hardly find a single person who doesn’t need a good sip of hot coffee as an energy boost in the morning or every now and then during the day. Consequently, a decent leak proof thermos cup is a must-have commodity item! Thermal mugs are available in all sizes and for all tastes, from coloured plastic beakers to durable stainless steel thermos flasks. Indeed, coffee mugs and thermos cups have always been one of the most popular business gifts because they are very practical and will certainly find good use. On top of that they have another advantage  it is very easy to engrave or print messages and logos on them.

Having said all this about coffee mugs... Tea lovers don't have to worry either – a decent thermos mug keeps hot both coffee and tea!

  • PopSocket grip with logo

Nowadays, with the number of smartphone users reaching billions (3,2 billion in 2019; source: statista.com), all sorts of mobile accessories serve very well as promotional products. One of the cutest phone accessories is the PopSocket Original, a little gadget to be attached on the back of the smart phone that makes handling your smart phone much more comfortable. Thanks to PopSockets you won’t need to hold your phone with your hand any more, just stick it elegantly between your fingers! These smart grips are made of silicone, wood, plastic, rubber etc. The round upper surface of a PopSocket is just perfect for branding – as if created for this very purpose! Logos can be printed on it in various techniques or attached as a crystal sticker.

In our climate you just won’t leave the house without an umbrella. An umbrella with an imprint on one, multiple or even all panels is a classical business gift. Umbrellas are available in a wide variety of sizes, from more affordable small umbrellas with a small perimeter and a colourful canopy hat to extremely durable items with wind and storm-proof flexible fibreglass frames.

If there is a logo on the umbrella, you can be sure it will be seen from a long distance, especially if printed using reflector technology. On average, an umbrella with a logo is used for 14 months, which is a remarkable achievement – it's the longest serving promotional gift in terms of duration of use. 

To sum up

We hope this article gave you ideas on some promotional products that can help you effectively increase your brand value and visibility at no excessive costs. Solutions are often far simpler than they seem at first glance. In addition, it is always a good idea to speak to a highly experienced business gifts expert and ask for advice!

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