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Personalized BOXER shorts with your logo or brand

Products Textile Personalized BOXER shorts with your logo or brand
Logotrade corporate gift image of: Personalized BOXER shorts with your logo or brand
16.50 €/pc + VAT
  • Product code: 6.521
  • Categories: Textile
  • Availability: 25 pcs
  • Delivery: order, 30 days
  • Minimum quantity: 25 pcs

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Now presenting our exclusive male boxer shorts strictly for the individual that loves to embrace new design concepts, giving him a powerful tool to control his world. Thoughtfully sewn with an eye for detail as one would on a statement, these underwear are not just underwear; they're a statement. Being constructed of the top grade F5 Microfiber material, you can always count on not only being the most comfortable and durable option, but also to remain as buoyant as the day you first saw them after each machine wash.


For every pair of shorts we package carefully in polybag guaranteed the products are seasonable as it reaches its destination. Such considerate packaging enables them to be most excellent as they can be sent as a gift and together with your customized made product, they provide a superb presentation as well.


The use of fabric represents a crossroad between fame and the possible. Our 135gr 100% polyester F5 Microfiber is textuality soft with it making out a great wearing experience. This lightweight yet sturdy fabric supplies comfort and tsirkulatsioones that makes it perfect resort wear. Moisture-wicking components prevent you from being both dry and comfortable during precipitation activities.

Mockup for Design:

We appreciate the significance of ensuring that every one of the touches has been addressed. It is for this reason that we provide a wide range of mockup frameworks that integrate with your designing process. You can choose from sizes which are S, M, L, and XL. Each of these sizes cater to the needs of the perfect fitting. With our user-friendly platform, you can post any kind of design; the designs can be colorful patterns, unique graphics or your own photographs and still see exactly how it will look on the product itself. Guess what, this method enables you to create the most perfect design, therefore it will avoid wastage and you will put it back to the production.

Defining custom made boxer shorts for your personal meaning, dear or to give someone special a memorable gift is a precise occasion of demonstrating your personality. Is it something that you need to honor your friends and guys or it's a big party? Or maybe you just want to add something personal to your attire? If that is the case, this personalized boxer shorts is your best bet. From the material of their socks which has a good grade, all the way to the layer of comfort which they provide after putting them on, there is no doubt that nobody would mind keeping them on.