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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a part of laser marking which is a method to use lasers to engrave any object. This technique doesn’t involve the use of any ink and doesn’t need any tool bits which need to contact the engraving surface and then wear out which makes it a great alternative over other forms of engraving or marking technologies often used or bit heads which need to be replaced on a regular basis. It is quite an effective technique to engrave on the products with great accuracy. We offer premium quality laser engraving solutions which suit your business requirement of creating promotional and other products.

The machines used for laser engraving and laser marking are the same. Laser marking is often a generic term which covers a broad spectrum of surfacing techniques that includes printing, laser bonding etc. Laser engraving comes under this subset. This technique requires in-depth knowledge and practical knowledge. With our experienced craftsmen, we create unique and high-quality products owning to their expertise and vast experience in laser engraving technique.

A laser can essential remove a material quite efficiently as a laser beam can be specifically designed to deliver energy to any surface in such a manner that it converts a high percentage of the energy of the light into heat. The beam is extremely focused and collimated- in the majority of non-reflective materials such as woods, plastics and even enamel surfaces.


A laser can be considered like a pencil where a beam is emitted from it which allows the controller, the device controlling the laser beam, to trace the patterns onto the surface. The controller essentially directs the intensity, the speed of movement as well as the spread of the laser beam which is aimed at the surface. The surface is picked in a manner to match what the laser can actually act on. We use highly precise controllers to deliver best quality laser engraving solution to your promotional and other products that represent your brand and essentially your company.

Using Laser engraving, various patterns can easily be engraved by programming the controller in order to traverse a specific path for the laser beam over time. The trace of the laser beam is regulated with great care to achieve a consistent removal of material’s depth. For instance, crisscrossed paths can easily be avoided to make sure that every etched surface is exposed only once to the laser. This makes it to achieve the same amount of material to be removed from the entire product. The beam speed which moves across the material is also considered during the creation of engraving patterns. By simply changing the intensity as well as the spread of the beam, we achieve flexibility in the design. Your design is carefully etched on to the surface with great accuracy and quality, delivering better results and creating attractive and appealing products.

Laser engraving process followed by us is extremely accurate, and it is a clean method to process metal and other surfaces like wood, plastic etc. Engraving with the laser is a contact-free process which ensures that the surface doesn’t get damaged during the engraving process. This makes sure that your product remains without any sort of damage while achieving efficient engraving. In case your products is made of bare, uncoated metals, we use fiber laser for best results. We have a quite an extensive range of lasers to make sure that your product range gets all the laser engraving solution that your business requires.


The laser engraved image is highly durable, and the images which are applied to the product almost remains forever. Engraving allows applying symbolism to your product with a difficult form which can withstand extreme conditions. This symbolism is marking of your business’s brand with etches on the mind of your present as well as the prospective customer just as efficient as our precision-rich laser engraving. We make sure that we deliver great engraving solution to make your product look unique which differentiates it from the rest of the competitor, giving your brand a unique identity.

Laser engraving is a perfect solution for marking metal products as it has traceability features as well as codes for creating distinct features on the surface. Identification marking and making unique logos and designs is quite in demand among various businesses which look for permanent, cost-effective methods of marking their products. It requires minimal effort and delivers high-quality products. Our laser engraving is very durable and last a lifetime, and it is quite resistant against extreme wear and tear, UV, heat and cold along with chemicals and alcohol which makes sure that your brand icon and logo remains etched to your product.

The application of Laser engraving can be found in various industries such as electronics, medical technology, promotional materials of business, jewellery and even in the automotive industry. The most common materials which are engraved using Laser are glass, wood, metal and leather.


Our laser engraving solutions provide your business with various options for creating advertising and business gifts. You can also create name tags and embossing seals as well as stamps. We also provide door and device signs. For promotional products like Pens, Bottles, Vacuum flasks, Wine sets, Power banks, Conference folder, Wallets etc. we provide high-quality engraving solution for your business which leaves a great impression on your customers.

We also offer laser engraving solutions for product labelling, brand icon and logo creation on a variety of products of the different business. We provide a wide range of fiber laser systems which provide us with the opportunity to deliver results to any kind of business and its requirements.

We are one of the market leader in laser engraving as we have delivered high-quality, precise engraving solution to an extensive range of promotional products and gifts items that your business requires for marketing and promotional purposes. With high durability and quality, we create a unique identity for your business which offers supreme products and services. We help you in creating an emphatic brand image in the market and in the eyes of your customer which helps you in reaching out to more customers and deliver your business message regarding your products and services. We excel in our laser engraving solution with our advanced equipment and expertise to deliver the excellent service to make sure that you receive desired product and this sets us apart from our competitors.