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Pad Printing

Pad Printing or Tampo printing

Pad printing is a process of printing where a 2-D image in transferred onto a 3-D object. It is done using an indirect offset (called gravure) printing process, which consists of an image that is transferred from the cliché through a silicone pad onto a substrate. Pad printing is often used for printing on products which are difficult to print on, most of them belonging to industries like automotive, medical, promotional, electronic products, apparel as well as appliances, toys and even sports equipment. This printing methodology can also be utilized to deposit functional substances like conductive inks, dyes, adhesives and even lubricants. We specialize in creating promotional products with great dexterity to deliver a high-quality product for your business which accentuates your brand and business reach in the market as credible and better alternative than your competitors in front of your prospective customers.

Talking more about Pad printing, the physical changes associated within the ink film both on the cliché as well as on the pad leads it to the etched image area in favour of any adhering to the pad which is then released from the pad in favour of adhering to the substrate being used.

Due to the unique properties of the silicone pad,  it enables it to pick the image up from any flat plane and then transfer it to different surfaces which can be flat, spherical, cylindrical, textures, concave or convex surfaces.


From thee home position, the particular sealed ink cup which is essentially an inverted cup which contains ink, sits over the etched artwork area of the printing plate which covers the image and fill it with the ink.

The sealed ink cup them moves away from the given etched artwork and take all the excess ink and then expose the etched image which is duly filled with the ink. The ink’s top layer then becomes tacky when it gets exposed to the air, and this is how the ink gets adhered to the transfer pad and then later to the substrate.

Then the transfer pad is pressed down onto the printing plate for a brief moment. By compressing the pad, the air is pushed outwards, and it causes the ink to transfer from the etched artwork area onto the given pad.

Once the transfer pad lifts away, the previously produced tacky ink film inside the given etched artwork area is then picked up on the pad while a small ink amount gets left on the printing plate.

With the transfer pad moving forward, the ink cup also moves to cover the given etched artwork area on the placed printing plate. The ink cup fills the etched artwork image again, on the plate with the ink in preparation for the upcoming next cycle.

The transfer pad then compresses down onto the substrate which transfers the ink layer that is picked up easily from the given printing plate to the substrate surface. As it moves along, it lifts off the substrate and returns to its original home position and hence completing one print cycle.



Printing pad

Printing pads are 3-D objects which are specifically moulded of silicone rubber. They work as a transfer substance which picks up the ink from the printing plate and then transfers it to the part, often called substrate. They generally vary in size as well as diameter which depends on the application.

There are to major shape groups namely, “round pads” which is self-explanatory and “bar pads” which are long narrow pads. There are pads formed in other shapes which are called “loaf pads”. Every group has three size categories which are small, medium and large size pads. There is also an option to engineer a custom-shaped pad made to meet the requirements of the special application.

We prepare and make reliable and better quality printing pads in comparison to other competitors. We proud ourselves in delivery best printing pads in the industry which is obtained due to our experience and expertise in this domain.

Pad printing is often used to apply logos and writing on products which are small as well those which have hard surfaces which include key-holders, watches, writing utensils, memory sticks, lighters, notebooks, wallets, plastic pens,  and much more. We provide a customized solution to your business requirements which include printing on the products of different shape along with convex and hollow surfaces. Our pad printing solution suits the requirement of businesses from every industry looking for high-quality pad printing.

The pad printing is preferred by many businesses as writing and images remain quite visible without any fault and appear clear. The figures that it creates are quite accurate, and even a small writing form which is made in pad printing is visible and correct. We lay special emphasis on creating better pad printed products to make them without any blemish and avoid any discrepancy.


We deliver pad printing solutions that overcome the often existing disadvantages of pad printing which generally involves the size of the printed surface which is limited. Your product and its shape is duly considered by us to provide the necessary pads. We have a large range of printed colours. No matter what your product is, we provide excellent pad printing solution without any compromise on quality.

Our pad printing solutions offer multiple imprint colours which also make your logo stand out. This is quite necessary as your logo represents your business’s brand and creates the perception in the psyche of your present as well as potential customers.

We provide pads in all sizes and shapes such as pointed, rectangular, and round. This allows the product to be customized with pad printing, irrespective of its size. Our pads also vary in density as some are extra firm while some can be termed as squishy. Whether your product is a Business card holder or a Curved one like Pen, the pad can easily conform according to the shape and provides exquisite printing of design with great accuracy. We offer pad printing solutions for a variety of hard materials like plastic, metal and glass too. You can easily print on tumblers, pens, water bottles, power banks, speakers etc. depending on a hard surface your product has. You can also print on leather which can be done quite easily and accurately. We provide best-looking pad printed logo at an attractive price.