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Silk-screen printing or screen print on textile and other flat surfaces

Silk-screen printing or screen print on textile and other flat surfaces

When we talk about Screen printing, we go back to golden days of the early century when it came to existence in a recognizable form in ancient China. In the late 1900s, it became popularized artistic technique.


Silk-screen printing or screen print on textile and flat surfaces has been there for some times. We have been leading name in this technique with experience in delivering the fine quality product. Let’s look deeper into screen printing. It is printing technique where a mesh is particularly used to transfer on any substrate except few areas which are made impermeable to the ink such that it blocks stencil. A blade or popularly known as a squeegee, is moved across the screen in order to fill the open mesh apertures, for instance in clothes, leather, wood, plastic, metal, etc. with ink and then a reverse stroke which causes the screen to touch the cloth or the material momentarily along a line of contact. This causes the ink to ink the cloth or other material and be pulled out of the apertures of the mesh of cloth as screen springs back after the squeegee has passed. We have special expertise in this process to create fine silk screen printing on silk cloth, leather, plastic, metal or textile.

It is also a method of a stencil of printmaking where a design is imposed on a textile or fine mesh with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is then forced into mesh openings by the form of the squeegee and hence wetting the substrate while transferring onto the printing surface as the squeegee stroke. While the screen rebounds away from the substrate, the ink remains on the substrates. It is also known as silk-screen. One colour is printed in one instance so different screens can be effectively used to obtain a multicoloured image or design. With our impressive design services, and imaging, we create fine screen printed textile for your business to make promotional products or advertising materials.

There are different terms which are used for the same technique. Traditionally this process is called as screen printing or silk screen printing since silk is used in the process, but soon it started with polyester mesh. At present, synthetic threads are also generally used in this process. Polyester is most used mesh at present. There are special-use mesh materials of stainless steel as well as nylon which are available to the screen printer. There are also various types of size of mesh which determine the result and look of the final design of the material. We effectively use this technique to create customized products for your business on various items such as leather or stainless steel products.


A screen is particularly made of a mesh piece which is stretched over a frame. This mesh could be made of silk, a synthetic polymer like nylon along with a finer as well as a smaller aperture for this mesh which would be utilized for a design which requires a higher along with the more delicate degree of detail. For the mesh to be particularly effective, it should be mounted on a frame and under tension. The frame which holds this mesh could be made of different materials such as wood or aluminium which depends on the sophistication of the machine or the procedure of the artisan. A stencil is formed by blocking the part of the screen in a particular negative design image to be printed which is open spaces where the ink will appear on the substrate. Thus, we create beautifully designed stencils and finished products which you require for your business.

Before the printing, the frame, as well as screen, must undergo the pre-press process where the emulsion is scooped across the silk, polyester or steel and the exposure unit burns away the unnecessary emulsion which leaves behind a clean area in the mesh with the identical shape of the image or design that is required. We lay special emphasis on this process to maintain the quality. The surface which is to be printed, also known as a pallet, is then coated with a wide pallet tape. This helps in protecting the pallet from any unwanted ink which can leak through the screen and essentially leave stains on the pallet or may lead to the transfer of unwanted ink the next substrate. It is an important aspect which we take quite seriously in the process to maintain that no unnecessary transfer occurs, leaving your design marked with mistakes in printing.

Next thing is the screen and frame to be lined with a tape. The tape type for this purpose is generally dependent on the ink on which the print has to be made onto the substrate. These aggressive tapes are often used for UV or water-based inks which is often used in our process. This last process in the pre-press blocks the unwanted pin holes in the given emulsion. We make sure that there are no holes left in the emulsion, so that the ink continue through and leave any unwanted marks. This way we ensure quality screen printing to make sure you receive finest and blemish-less product.


In the textile items that we print with a multicoloured design for our clients, we often utilize a wet on wet technique or colours that is dried while it is on the press, while the graphic items are also allowed to dry between different colours which are then printed on another screen.

While most of the people think of clothes or garments when it comes to screen printing, the technique is also used on hundreds of items which includes decals, stainless steel product, etc. We employ this technique to create unique products for our clients to offer them innovative products which can utilized for creating a variety of promotional gift, customized products to be offered to the customers.

We are expert in this technique having vast experience in creating different screen printed materials for our client businesses like shopping bags, t-shirts, umbrellas, aprons, backpacks, paper bags, cotton bags, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, sports and performance wear, caps and hats, work clothes and ties. Our processes are refined and state of the art which makes us leading screen printing company present in the market. Our products are of high quality which lives up to the expectations of our clients. We create immensely beautiful designs for our customers and transfer them to their products which they wish for.