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Tyvek wristband color gold

Logo trade mainoslahja kuva: Tyvek wristband  color gold
0.12 €/kpl + alv
  • Tuotekoodi: EG-T37042998
  • Kategoriat: Vapaa-aika
  • Pienin lukumäärä: 50 kpl

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Gold wristband. Like the vinyl band, disposable wristbands made from tyvek will be useful during any event: fairs, festivals, promotional events, closed banquet, concert, etc. Tyvek looks like paper - but at the same time it's extremely strong and durable, resistant to tearing and destruction. Tyvek is light as a feather, 100% recyclable and is waterproof. Headbands have a specially designed clamp to prevent removing the band without destroying it. Each band has an identification number. Your logo will be placed on any part of the band. Size 25,5 x 2,5 cm