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Things remembered engraving

Engraving involves careful removing of the top layer of the product, uncovering its base structure. There is no possibility of choosing the colour – it depends solely on the type of material the product is made of. Engraving ensures great precision of transferring an individual, single-colour logotype. We use in Estonia and Europe YAG and CO2 type lasers which allow us to label such materials as: metal, wood, glass, felt, leather, cardboard, plastics.

engraving on flashdrive Laser engraving Toyota Gazoo Racing logo pens Kaitseliidu logo engraving on thermos

Engraving plus +

Durability, precision and high repeatability of labelling

Wear resistant

Affordable price

Personalization without incurring significant costs

Labelling all around the surface of pens, mugs, thermal mugs


Engraving minus - 

No colour options 


Engraving is best option for metal pens, thermos mugs, wooden flashdrives, metal memory sticks, aluminium bluetooth speakers, metal gifts, wooden gifts and steel thermos.