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How to Be Successful With Personal Connections and Promotional Gifts?


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As a species, we have been hardwired to make personal connections with our fellow human beings. Connections with different people and the things which we are actually passionate about is the drive which is present in almost all of us. Whether it is our basic needs such as food and shelter, we also have the basic needs to remain social as well as remain as part of a group or belong to them and make different relationships. These different strong relationships are essentially a vital part of our flourishing life. Our different social needs are among the reasons which is why our mind is so big as found out by different research conducted by scientists. They have seen that the brain is the center of our social self with the basic purpose of social thinking. We tend to make connections with different people to meet our emotional and social needs in order to achieve meaning in our life. So, when it comes to promotion of a brand or a business, these personal connections play quite a vital role in the success of the business. There are different ways to establish a personal connection with the potential customers for any business. There are print advertisements, to radio and tv-ads, etc. Promotional products are among the best method to successfully create a personal connection with the customers. Promotional products have proven their efficiency in developing relationships with the customers. Promotional products is all about making a different type of personal connections. Whenever an employee joins your business, you can give them a promotional gift item full of your branded products as part of their on boarding process which makes them feel like the part of the team. You can also thank your existing customers for their business on an annual basis by offering holiday gifts in order to strengthen the existing relationship. They can connect with the companies with different potential customers throughout the entire sales process. A recent study conducted asked the people about their feelings whenever they receive a promotional product. Most of the people responded that they feel good, happy, grateful, appreciated, thankful, excited, surprised, awesome and even loved. These different feelings actually resonate because they are actually how we connect with different things and the things which we actually love. In order to get the sense of this love of promotional products as well as the kinds of swag which makes the people swoon, you can see any survey conducted by different larger enterprises, where they have realised that promotional products certainly make the customers feel appreciated and make them happy.

Promotional products help in creating ever-lasting personal connections with the customers. They strengthen the connections of your business with the customers. Let’s look at how you can be successful with personal connections and promotional gifts.

1. First, you need to understand the target audience of your business. You need to know what is important to your specific audience. What actually resonates with them and essentially makes them feel special? Once you have completely understood their basic desires and needs as well as requirements, then you can easily design a promotional product campaign which can uniquely speak to them. Researching your target audience based on demographics helps you in finding the right promotional product for the specific audience. The younger people may like digital products while older people will appreciate promotional products like pens, key chains etc. Female customers can like fashion attire branded with your logo while male customers can like merchandise caps.

2. Another way to be successful in creating personal connections with the people is making the promotional product personal. Look for different ways to add personalization of your promotional products. It can be done with variable data in order to include person’s name on the imprinted item or simply adding a hand-written note accompanying any of your product. You need to add a personal touch which speaks volumes.

3. Among the essential methods is to hand out gifts, not just stuff. How actually you give swag is as important as the product itself. Grabbing any bulk items from the wide range of promotional items is not going to make your recipients feel special. It can be quite the opposite. Instead, you need to have the mentality that you are giving out gifts. Add packaging like a gift bag, ribbon, box. Add sincerity to your promotional product campaign which goes a long way in creating personal connections. 

4. One of the most important ways to actually gauge the success of promotional products as a means of creating a personal connection is to find out the impact of these products. Bigger doesn’t mean that it is always better. Distributing the products on the massive level can be appropriate in a few situations. However, it may be wiser to essentially focus all of your efforts as well as budget on a much smaller subset. You need to find out which is going to have a larger impact. Doing something average for a wide range of people or simply creating really special for a very small group of people? You may ask this question. In order to make the stronger personal connection, you may need to scale back on your entire distribution to have more upscale promotional products to make a much larger impact. 


Making personal connections with your customer can go a long way in the success of your business. Even though making such connections can be quite a tedious process, there are methods like promotional products which can make things easier for you. Promotional products help you in creating better relations with your customers and also strengthen them. You need to conduct research on what your potential and existing customers like and desire. Make your promotional product campaign based on that. The promotional products should have a personal touch which makes the people feel connected with your business. Try to hand out promotional products as a gift rather than simply distributing them. Making people feel special can lead to the success of your promotional product campaign. You also need to gauge the impact of promotional products that you give out.

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